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1. Can I port my telephone number within the same network?

No. Portability enables you precisely to change the network, while sticking to your telephone number. Portability allows a number to “leave” the initial network and to be used by the same user in another network.

If you do not wish to change the network, but change the contractual clauses, you need to discuss it with your service provider and negotiate the terms that suit you best.

2. If I change the network, do I keep the current “prefix” of my telephone number?

When ported, the 10-digit telephone number remains unchanged.

3. Can prepaid card telephone numbers be ported?

Yes, you can keep any mobile telephone number when switching operators. The payment method does not matter (prepaid or postpaid).

4. If I hold a prepaid card and I wish to port my telephone number, what happens with the remaining credit?

The remaining credit shall NOT be transferred. 

5.  How do I know what network I call to? How do I know if the called number has been ported?

If you initiate a call to a ported number - after dialling that number, yet before the called person answers - you will hear a distinctive beep sound, which means the called number has been ported. Thus, you have the possibility to decide if you wish to waive the respective call.

You may learn such information from several sources:

- from your operator, by means of the Customer Service;
- by accessing and using the application for locating the ported numbers.

6. I wish to transfer my telephone number into another network before the contract termination. Is porting possible? What happens with the contract concluded with the current provider?

Porting is possible; your request cannot be rejected under such circumstances.

Following the porting, the contract concluded with the current provider is deemed cancelled. By the porting request, you ask the donor operator to stop providing the telephone service.

However, keep in mind: switching to a different operator does not waive your contractual commitments towards the previous provider.

You must pay all your debts to the current provider. If there is a provision regarding early contract cancellation, you should pay penalties or wait until the contract termination term before porting the number and changing the provider. If you bought a handset at a promotional price, you will have to pay the difference or remain in the network by the date you agreed on, when you received the handset.

7. After porting the number, will I be able to use my handset – if it is locked to the current provider’s network? Does he have the right to lock my handset to his network?

The operators may lock certain telephone handsets to their network and use them as part of a promotional offer/customer loyalty programme. Therefore, you may discover that your handset does not work on another network. Telephone handsets are not subject to portability. You will have to contact your current provider to discuss the unlock conditions.

8. Can the providers lawfully charge a fee for porting my telephone number? Which is the maximum fee level allowed?

The provider you want to switch to bears the costs of porting your number, therefore it has the right to use various means of recovering these costs.

ANCOM imposed the providers to charge only affordable porting fees, without establishing a maximum amount or certain charging methods.

9. I am the representative of a legal entity. Can I port my number as a natural person? What about the other way round?

No, you can’t, because the contract holder would change, which is not allowed during the porting process. Nevertheless - since the contract holder can be changed independently from the porting process - you should contact the providers involved, who may decide to accept or decline your request. 

10. I want to switch to another telephone network without losing the current contract (concluded with the initial provider). Is it possible?

Then, you would not have reasons to leave the initial provider.

However, should you still wish to port your number to another network, you must be aware that a contract concluded between you and the operator you want to change terminates at the completion of the porting process. The telephone service will be provided to the ported number based on a new contract, concluded with the new provider. He is the one to decide whether similar terms and conditions apply.

11. How can I cancel my porting request?

The porting can be cancelled by submitting a request to the representative office of the operator where you requested the porting. The standard form is available here or directly at the respective operator.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The porting cancellation request must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the porting date agreed with your acceptor operator.

12. Must I accept the provisional number?

NO. The acceptor provider must also offer you the possibility to port your number into its network without a provisional number. In this situation, you will not have access to the telephone service offered by the acceptor provider until the porting is completed.

When signing the contract for the telephone number you wish to port, the acceptor provider may assign you a provisional number. However, he also must offer you the opportunity to give up this number if the porting is not completed.

Thus, before signing the cotract with the acceptor provider, if the porting is not completed and you do not want to start a new porting procedure, you have two options:

-         keep the provisional  number and, implicitly, have a contract for this number with the provider on whose network you intended to port your number (i.e., have two contracts: one with the donor provider for your number, and one with the acceptor provider for the provisional number);

-         give up the provisional number and have only one contract with the donor provider for your telephone number.

Weigh your choice carefully!

Do you wish to port your number? Here are 10 tips you must know:1. Find out about all the providers’ offers and choose the one that suits your best.2. Carefully read your contract with the current provider, looking for termination clauses or for special interruption provisions.3. If you use a prepaid card, the remaining credit cannot be transferred.4. Fill in the standard porting request, which is available either here, or at one of the acceptor provider’s offices.5. Fill in the porting request carefully. If you do not provide full and accurate details, the system will reject it.6. S...

The launch of number portability has made network identification based on the number format impossible. Therefore, to avoid situations in which the users could unawares pay a different tariff than the one they know, each call to a number that used to be in the origination network of that call, but was subsequently ported, is preceded by a beep sound. This beep sound allows the caller to end the call, find to which network the number has been ported and whether the tariff of a call to that number is different from the known one. Some users are not aware of this sound signal that mak...
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