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What should I know?
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Your number can be ported whenever you request, if you decide to give up the services of a certain telephony provider and to use the network of a different provider. Any telephone number can be ported, provided the network type is preserved: a mobile telephone number can be ported to another mobile network and a fixed telephone number can be ported to another fixed network.

Warning!!! Switching the providers does not waive your contractual commitments.

Should you have debts to the current provider, you must pay off before porting your number. If there is a provision regarding the early contract cancellation, you should pay penalties or wait until the contract termination term before porting the number and switching the provider.

When you submit a porting request, your number must be active on the network of the provider receiving your request. The contract concluded with the provider you intend to change will end by default at the moment when the porting process is completed. When you decide to change your telephony provider and wish to keep your telephone number, you should send a request to the desired provider. The latter will take all the steps in view of porting your number.

Categories of portable numbers:

fixed telephone numbers
– a fixed telephony subscriber can keep his/her telephone number when he/she wishes to give up the subscription with a certain provider and to take up a subscription with another fixed telephony provider. 

mobile telephone numbers
– a mobile telephony subscriber can keep his/her telephone number when he/she wishes to switch operators, irrespective of the technology used for service provision (2G, 3G, CDMA etc.), of the payment method (post-paid or prepaid) or of the service type (voice, fax, data).

other types of numbers
– this category includes green numbers (0800-type), universal access numbers (0801-type) and universal personal numbers (0802-type), as well as Premium Rate numbers (0900-, 0903- and 0906-numbers); the users of such services will have the possibility to keep their telephone numbers when they shift from one provider to another, provided that the initial destination of the number is preserved.

Fixed telephone numbers CANNOT be ported to mobile telephone networks, nor the other way round.

Here are the required forms:
- porting request (full text in Romanian)
porting cancellation request (full text in Romanian)

Do you wish to port your number? Here are 10 tips you must know:1. Find out about all the providers’ offers and choose the one that suits your best.2. Carefully read your contract with the current provider, looking for termination clauses or for special interruption provisions.3. If you use a prepaid card, the remaining credit cannot be transferred.4. Fill in the standard porting request, which is available either here, or at one of the acceptor provider’s offices.5. Fill in the porting request carefully. If you do not provide full and accurate details, the system will reject it.6. S...

1. Can I port my telephone number within the same network? No. Portability enables you precisely to change the network, while sticking to your telephone number. Portability allows a number to “leave” the initial network and to be used by the same user in another network. If you do not wish to change the network, but change the contractual clauses, you need to discuss it with your service provider and negotiate the terms that suit you best. 2. If I change the network, do I keep the current “prefix” of my telephone number? When ported, the 10-digit telephone number remains unc...

The launch of number portability has made network identification based on the number format impossible. Therefore, to avoid situations in which the users could unawares pay a different tariff than the one they know, each call to a number that used to be in the origination network of that call, but was subsequently ported, is preceded by a beep sound. This beep sound allows the caller to end the call, find to which network the number has been ported and whether the tariff of a call to that number is different from the known one. Some users are not aware of this sound signal that mak...
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